To celebrate the end of this year’s fantastic Brickfield events, our artists Rosanna Martin and Georgia Glendall will be loading up the kiln with all the bricks made over the summer by our army of workshop participants and lighting the fire!
With an enthusiastic response from the local community, we had visitors from the Happy Wanderers (a dementia friendly walking group linked to the Sensory Trust), as well as a brilliant walk and talk in the lashing rain by local author Philip Marsden – here he introduces poet Jack Clemo!
During the summer Rose and Georgia also built a traditional brick clamp kiln that to start to dry out the bricks prior to their firing in September…
For the next stage, the bricks must be properly hardened by firing. Rosanna says ‘We are planning on building our kiln using old bricks from Wheal Remfry, and we’ll be making a circular brick clamp, that nods to the beehive kilns they used to use!’
We will be lighting the fire for this kiln at Blackpool Pit on Thursday 20th and keeping them going for four or five days, so you can experience the kiln when you come to the last workshops on Friday and Saturday 20th/21st September! (see details below)


Friday 20th Sept: Free drop-in brick making session, 2pm – 5pm, all welcome.
Saturday 21st Sept: Free drop-in brick making session and celebration evening, 2pm – 9pm, all welcome.

Please do come and see the work that our local artists Rosanna and Georgia have been doing and experience some brickmaking and firing for yourself – the last session on Saturday 21st will continue after the Whitegold Festival has finished at 4pm.

The flyer for Brickfield events is here: BF Flyer_06.09.19