Studio HOT.mess

Studio Hotmess are two young designers/architects, Charlotte Moore from Cornwall and Maria Saeki from Japan. Both Royal College Of Art post-graduates they focus on community engagement, ecology and ceramics in their work. The HOT.messes have been part of exhibitions at the V&A (2019), People’s Kitchen Day of Design, Workshop London, Palermo Manifesta Biennale, Raven Cube China.

They have been briefed to respond to the frontage of Number 1 Fore St in St Austell. In what is arguably St Austell’s most important architectural setting, opposite both Holy Trinity Church and the Market House, this building has a positive character but needs a facelift in order to fulfil its potential to contribute as a gateway onto Fore St from the church precinct.

Charlotte and Maria are developing a response entitled Edible Hinterlands – a proposal for a ceramic tiled facade, able to support plant life, and particularly local edible plants from the clay country.

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