Simon Bayliss

Simon Bayliss is an artist and music producer based in St Ives, Cornwall, UK. He works mainly in slipware ceramics, video, poetry, watercolour painting and performance. Bayliss also makes and performs dance music as a solo artist and in collaboration with Susie Green, as Splash Addict

Simon is proposing a wall based work inspired by his previous series of ceramic pasties and the 100th anniversary celebrations in 2020 across Cornwall of its most famous pottery set up by Bernard Leach. Cornwall has a proud tradition of ceramics flowing from the legacy of Leach who settled in St Ives and trained a whole generation of Cornish ceramicists, as well as talent from across the world.

For St Austell Simon is creating a ceramic artwork which brings the Leach legacy up to date – asking what St Austell looks like in a diverse, global age. The piece takes inspiration from Leach’s tile panels, which typically comprise of a checked pattern of plain and motifed tiles. He describes these as: “iconographic representations of St Austell and Cornwall which can be compared to the modern day use of emojis”.

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