Guest artist talk

The guest artist at this year’s Whitegold Festival is Rosanna Martin. She will give a talk about her work immediately after the opening ceremony, at 10.30 in the Festival Hub. No booking is required, just come along. Rosanna is a highly regarded ceramic artist whose work is gaining increasing attention. In addition to her talk we hope there will also be an opportunity for you to explore some of her samples through the microscope.

Rosanna Martin is current artist-in-residence at the Eden Project where she has been using microscopes to look at samples of clay, sand, silt and rock collected from locations all over St. Austell’s clay country. She is using her research to create a new body of ceramic works that will form an interactive display at Eden in October. She will show a selection of images she took, alongside examples of some of the sculptures and material samples she has been working with.  

Born and raised in Cornwall, Rosanna spent much of her childhood at her grandparents farm on the Roseland where a brickworks existed between 1891 and 1907. China clay that was washed downstream from quarries on the western side had silted up the creeks and provided the resource for the industry. Rosanna has been working on a brick making project to attempt to recreate the earliest style of brick firing, a brick clamp kiln. She will talk about the project, and her recent workshop held at the site of the old brickworks.