A £10,000 award awaits the winner of the newly-created Whitegold International Ceramic Prize.

The first Whitegold International Ceramic Prize will celebrate the versatility of clay used in relationship with people, culture and place. Whitegold is a celebration of the clay, drawing on the history and culture of St Austell’s industrial and post-industrial landscape and its global china clay connections. The winners of the prize will be invited to make a piece of work for St Austell.

Individual artists, collectives and CIC’s are invited to submit works that that use clay to inspire new perspectives and insights into place – the specific character of a location that makes it unique. All work of exceptional quality that connects people and place through creativity with clay will be considered. Submitted artwork should ideally be culturally and environmentally aware and socially engaged. 

The Whitegold Ceramic Prize is an award in two parts. Winners will receive a cash prize, along with a paid commission for the development of a new work.

First Prize: £10,000 prize money with £5,000 to develop a new local artwork between Jan-Mar 2020

Second Prize: £5,000 prize money and £2,500 to develop a new local artwork between Jan-Mar 2020

Submission Guidelines

Established and emerging artists from all parts of the world are invited to submit 2 completed projects undertaken between 2014 and 2019.

Each project submission must include as minimum an excellent visual record of work and a 500 word overview of each of project including a summary of how it connects with the theme of the award.

A maximum of 8 shortlisted artists will be invited to St Austell for a tour of the region’s clay country before submitting a statement of intent for a new project that draws on the culture of the St Austell area and its connections through clay to people in Cornwall, the UK and the rest of the world.

The jury will select two artists from the shortlist as final winners to develop their proposal for completion in time for the 2020 Whitegold Festival.

Submissions can be made via www.curatorspace.com/opportunities/detail/whitegold-international-ceramics-prize/3459

Whitegold is a St Austell Bay Economic Forum project generously supported by the Coastal Communities Fund (see notes below)

Whitegold is a celebration of clay drawing on the history and culture of St Austell’s industrial and post-industrial landscape and its global china clay connections. Through a number of public arts projects initiated by the St Austell Bay Economic Forum (SABEF) and partners, Whitegold provides a platform for local, national and international makers, ceramicists and artists to contribute to the cultural, social and economic regeneration of the region.

Whitegold curators are developing projects that foster local and international cultural exchange around clay and the ceramic arts and which explore social, economic and environmental sustainability through a variety of means. Projects currently in process include public art commissions, small and large scale permanent and non-permanent ceramic installations, as well as social engagement and action based research projects that seek to develop skills in co-design and collaboration in local communities. Socially engaged practice in the arts is an area of significant development for rural and urban regeneration. The Whitegold project presents an opportunity to champion ceramics in the regeneration of the St Austell area through the vehicle of the international prize, highlighting best practice and attracting the best artists in the field.

For the past three years SABEF has produced the Whitegold Festival, building the profile of clay and ceramic arts within the town, providing an annual hub of activity and attracting visitors from the UK and beyond. The Whitegold International Ceramic Prize will make a significant contribution to the long term ambition of the partners to raise the profile of St Austell as a recognised destination for ceramic arts.

The Whitegold Project is funded by the Coastal Communities Fund. St Austell was awarded a £1million contribution to transform the St Austell area as a visitor destination. The funding will support St Austell becoming a Green and Ceramic Cultural Centre.