Hey Clay! is a national celebration of clay – giving everyone the chance to unleash their inner potter.

The Whitegold Project is working in partnership with Wheal Martyn to offer Hey Clay! workshops for schools and members of the public in and around St Austell’s clay country on 17th and 18th May. 

On 17th May 60 children from Roche Community Primary School and Fowey River Academy will be given a guided tour of Wheal Martyn Museum before they take part in a tile making workshop, using references from the Wheal Martyn site to create a relief work in air dry clay.  They’ll also all use pottery stamps and imprinting techniques to decorate their own handmade coil pots.  

This workshop will be run by local ceramicists Fleur Winter (http://www.fleurwinter.com) and Jackie Clark (http://jacquelineclark.co.uk).  
Fleur:  Insta @fleurwinterceramics
On Saturday 18th May Ceramicist Laurence Eastwood and Gemma Martin from Wheal Martyn will be welcoming members of the public to have a go at decorating a pot using a Raku firing technique, making pinch pots and decorating tiles.

There will be two sessions:

10.30am – 12.00pm for families and children as part of the Museum Club
1.00pm – 3.30pm for all the community. Any age and ability are welcome to drop in!

Laurence Eastwood Insta: @laurencethemaverick