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Free Workshops | Whitegold

Unleash your inner creative ceramicist with Jenny Beavan and Paul Jackson at the Whitegold festival on the 1st of October.  Throughout the day you can help Jenny and the makers from Eden to imagine a new ‘White River’ for the town of St Austell in fired porcelain and molochite. Create interesting objects like leaves and seeds in porcelain and china to float down the river – from source to sea. At the White river’s estuary cup and saucers in porcelain will make a huge show of the first-class porcelain, the legacy of St. Austell used all over the world. Also celebrate the unique St Austell Eucryphia trees of Holy Trinity churchyard in this workshop with Cornish potter Paul Jackson. Paul will help people to make clay flowers and tree images in china clay – a fun hand-on event for all ages. Both workshops are free. MORE DETAILS>