Whitegold Workshops

Words by Alex Murdin

We had a great line up of workshops planned for the summer to let people get involved, get clay under their fingernails and to learn from our amazing range of commissioned artists. As you might imagine these have been postponed in the immediate future thanks to the coronavirus epidemic but we are already hatching alternative plans so please watch this space…

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Calling all local astronauts…

Artist Georgia Gendall is making a radio show about St Austell Bay and the Clay Country for Whitegold and would like to interview the people who use the landscape, and particularly people who notice the skies above it. The programme will be aired in September as part of our Whitegold celebration this year. If you are interested and would like to have a chat, please email Georgia Gendall gendallgeorgia@gmail.com

Brickfield 2020 Update

This year the Brickfield team are turning their attention to their connections with the history and heritage of brick making in clay country, learning as much as they can from local brick making legend John Osborne.