Whitegold and Parasite Ceramics need your help to press, paint and stamp a new artwork for St Austell. Join us at the HIVE (Unit K, South Sq, White River Place, PL25 5AZ) from the 19th March to the 22nd April 2019 (10am – 4pm, Tue – Sat). The workshop is free and accessible to all ages. For group visits please contact Laura Martin projects@parasiteceramics.co.uk 

Parasite Ceramics is bringing nature into Biddick’s Court, St Austell with a large-scale ceramic mural celebrating the Cornish Dark Honeybee. The mural will be made of over 10,000 stoneware tiles composing of three types of yellow glaze. Residents are invited to take part in the Hive at White River Place to press, paint and stamp the tiles in a collective effort.

The project emphasises the importance of sustainability and the environment to St Austell by celebrating one of its most valuable pollinators. Instantly recognisable and understood, it offers residents, visitors and businesses alike the wonder of nature and the meaning of working towards a common purpose. It links into the local context of how bees are important to the natural habitat, support humanity, and how we depend on these insects to provide the pollination of flowers that supply up to one third of our food.

Finally, it raises awareness of their fragility in the outside world and how they are a diminishing species. As we all know, the bees are in decline and the human-driven dangers of climate change and new agricultural methods are reasons for the hives increased collapses in the western world. Together with the medium of clay, a human-like material that requires touch, sensitivity and craftsmanship, it is possible to create an enduring legacy that celebrates the story of the honeybee and it’s natural relationship with St Austell and its beautiful landscape.

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