We are excited to tell you that for our FREE fieldtrip on 16th August, around Blackpool Pit Perimeter Trail, we will be joined by local author Philip Marsden!

Philip will talk about the discovery of china clay by William Cookworthy and also he will tell us about the poet Jack Clemo. Both famous local figures were part of the research for his well known book ‘Rising Ground: A Search for the Spirit of Place’.

Once English China Clay’s ‘flagship’ pit, Blackpool produced over 8000 – 10,000 tonnes of china clay per week. The effect on the landscape is colossal. Today the pit is disused and has filled with water, and flora and fauna has re-established itself.

Brickfield is a new community arts project running FREE events by artists Rosanna Martin and Georgia Gendall. They have been working with community groups and the general public to make bricks and explore connections between people, material, landscape and place.

With help from Imerys, at Brickfield we are experimenting with by-products collected from the industrial processing of china clay and combining these with other materials to create a new clay body that will have unique characteristics specific to the area. 

For further details about the above trip email brickfield@whitegold.org.uk

We regret that this event is not suitable for wheelchair users due to the nature of the footpaths and a reasonable level of fitness is required. We are holding other events in August which are much more accessible.

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