Matt Davis

Matt Davis is cutting edge ceramic designer who has been commissioned for the Tremen public art project. Matt is becoming well known for his work with digital technologies in re-interpreting classic ceramic forms. He already has work in the Potteries Museum in Stoke on Trent and has exhibited at top flight exhibitions such as Collect at the Saatchi Gallery, Decorex and Heal’s Discovers.

Tremen is the Cornish for “passage“. This project is one of a number of public space commissions for St Austell by the Whitegold Project.
At the start of Grant’s Walk, coming from the town centre, is a covered passageway that is an important connection into the town from one of the main car parks at Priory Rd. It joins the main street in town, Fore St, with Biddicks Court behind.

Matt is very keen to introduce a tactile tessellated ceramic tiling project into the passageway possibly incorporating light beneath porcelain: “Recently I have designeda set of three dimensional ceramic tiles that self tessellate in conjunction with simultaneously random patterns. “

We will be working with Matt, the property owners and Cornwall Council to address design of the whole passage.

Matt Davis Wedsus Urn
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Bringing a creative spirit to St Austell town centre

The ceramic commissions project will bring public engagement to visually deprived areas of the town to build pride and confidence in our built environment.