David Mach

Internationally famous artist David Mach has been awarded the Ope commission to create a ceramic art installation which will be displayed in St Austell Town Centre. Ope is a Cornish word for “alley“. This project is one of a number of public space commissions for St Austell by the Whitegold Project. Chandos Place is one of St Austell Town Centre’s main pedestrian thoroughfares, connecting Fore St with Old Vicarage Place. It is a challenging space but one with scale and presence, and an important connection from the main street to the central square in St Austell.

David Mach is a well-established artist who has become famous for his large scale installations and more permanent works in public spaces across the UK and internationally. A Turner Prize nominee whose work is in the Tate Collection, David has never though conformed to expectations and continues to surprise with his irreverent, witty and thought-provoking projects from recycled material. David has built everything from a Polaris submarine out of tyres to a Gorilla out of coat hangers. He is perhaps best known for “Out of Order” (1989) the sculpture of red telephone boxes falling in domino fashion in Kingston Upon Thames and the Darlington “Train” (1997) sculpture made from 185,000 bricks.

David has proposed a work which will involved incorporating the ceramic fragments that people find into a wall based artwork for Chandos place:

“My idea for this grows out of picking up pieces of pottery on my local beach in Scotland. Over the years I’ve collected thousands of individual pieces of different kinds of crockeryno doubt made from the same Clay that comes out of Cornwall, the same kind of thing that no doubt people collect in beaches in Cornwall and the rest of the UK and Europe andindeed the world. I’d like to make that into a wall, cover the wall in China clay pottery, from very broken small piece to complete whole pieces. The pieces themselves would be avariety of things, plates, teapots, vases, industrial multiple items. The wall would go from flat to 3 dimensional and cover the kind of things that have been made with CornishChina Clay…it would be patterned, and colourful, decorative and industrial and cover Cornwall’s China Clay History Worldwide.”

We’ll be posting details soon about how you can become part of this fantastic new public art work…

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