Craft stall application form

Craft Stall application form 2018

Please note that you will be required to show evidence of public liability insurance

Some locations will be under cover, but most are outdoors.

Please also note that no power is available at the outdoor stalls.

Deadline for applications: midnight on Sunday August 12 OR until all stalls are taken.


As this is an outdoor public event we are required to ask each participant artist to provide their own £5m public liability insurance. If you do not have insurance, submit your application anyway and we will be in touch about how to get insurance.
Please upload a copy of your public liability insurance
About your work
We'd like to ensure that there is a spread of prices available to visitors, many of whom will not be expecting to make a 'big purchase'. Can you give us an indication of your price spread?
Samples of your work
Please upload 3 images that best represents your work, and in particular work that might be appropriate to this context. Please bear in mind that large images can take a long time to send, so reduce the size of your images if you're having difficulty. Please ensure that the filename includes your own name (so that we can be certain which images belong to which artist!).
We should have a sufficient number of tables available, but we're asking in case you have your own.
When you’re ready, click submit. Please bear in mind that you are sending us quite a lot of data and it may take some time for your files to transmit. Eventually you will be rewarded with an acknowledgement of your proposal – but until then it may look as though nothing is happening. It is, be patient!