Join Turkish artist, Betűl Katigőz, to create earth ovens at Wheal Martyn

Come along to Wheal Martyn, St. Austell, between Tuesday 22 and Friday 25 August to watch or get involved with making earth ovens with Turkish ceramicist Betűl Katigӧz, who will be creating handmade ovens inspired by those of her home town in Turkey.  These versatile yet basic structures, traditionally made from a mix of local mud and straw, are used for baking bread by people in her local community.  Every time the ovens are used their strength increases, just as the deep bonds within the community strengthen as people gather around the ovens preparing the dough to make enough bread for an entire village.  Betűl believes the combination of oven, fire and bread symbolises traditions within society which have been forgotten and welcomes people to join with her to remember these as she combines the traditional methods with a contemporary approach to creating earth ovens.

Betűl is interested in creating handmade objects through which she can communicate her innermost feelings. Her creations explore the relationship between fragility and strength, logic and emotion.  Betűl  says ‘I am fascinated with ‘clay’ as a material that has been extracted from the Earth as rocks and strata and it is this feeling which I wish my own work to embody’.

Betűl’s work is being funded by FEAST, St Austell BID and St Austell Town Council as part of St. Austell’s Whitegold Festival of Clay. The ovens created at Wheal Martyn will later be moved to St. Austell to form part of the Whitegold Festival itself, which will be held in the town on Saturday 30 September. Come along to the town centre and White River Place between 10am and 4pm on that day to find out more.

The oven making will take place from 10am to 4pm between 22 and 25 August. Just come along to Wheal Martyn to get involved or to find out more about Betűl visit